14 Oct. Innochat Framing: Innovation - Crossing The "O" Gap

This week's Innochat will be guest-moderated by Danielle Cass, National Public Relations and Media Communications Manager at Kaiser Permanente.
Danielle and I initially connected on Twitter and met at last week's HealthCamp SF Bay which she helps coordinate. And she and her fellow volunteers did an outstanding job! More than 260 consumers, health providers, health industry experts, and technology professionals came together to exchange ideas about how to improve, and in some cases revolutionize, healthcare.
Danielle will be leading a discussion on how to move innovation from the idea stage into execution. Her framing is as follows:
Spawning innovative ideas is easy. Implementing and diffusing them to cross the "O" gap (getting them into Operations) is difficult. How do you spur innovation crossing the O Gap? Moving from idea to execution and implementation in a large organization?
Questions on my mind:
Q1 - How do you create a culture that enables innovation through an organization?
Q2 - How can you begin building your own innovative culture?
Q3 - How do you move ideas from the test lab to the frontlines of operations?
Q4 - Are there any large companies you've heard of succeeding at this in their innovation programs, or is it all just nimble small start-ups?
Danielle also shared a couple of links worth checking out before our discussion:
This should be a wonderful topic with lots of lively discussion. Join us this Thursday at noon EST. Just go to http://www.tweetchat.com and enter #innochat in the search field. Or, contribute your thoughts and suggestions for other topics here by replying below.
See you then!!

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